After teaching Math and Physics at MSHS in Berea for 30 years, I retired in 2015. I bring to my campaign a heart-felt dedication to teachers’ and students’ needs in our state. Teachers have a right to the pensions that were promised and students have a right to schools with supplies, safety and reasonable class sizes.

      My dedication to basic healthcare for all comes from personal experience. My husband passed away in 2016 after a long struggle from cancer. I learned how to negotiate insurance companies and providers, obtain SSDI and Medicare, and fight for treatment. I believe we need to do much better at providing healthcare for working and poor Kentuckians.

      My family lost all the money we saved for my daughter’s college in 2008 which has led me to strongly disagree with privatizing pensions, social security and other government programs.  I do not want to see them vanish in a greedy investment mistake.

I have served on the budget committee for MSHS almost 27 years as well as many shorter termed committees.  I am is a successful grant writer and excel at making sense of complicated documents.  I am a trustworthy honest person who has been inspired to run for office, using my time, energy and experience to improve the life of my neighbors and the way KY serves its people.


AFL-CIO,  UAW,  #120Strong, MCDWC, MCDC, RCDC, FCDC, KDP, DNC, Former Senator Lacky, Former Rep. Harry Moberly