The people of Kentucky is #1 priority.

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My first three priorities are:

1) My first priority is to represent the majority people of my district.  We value great education, clean environment, steady employment, support of small businesses, and sustainable living.   The people of my district value honesty and authenticity.  I am a product of my district and can represent the people well.

2) We need to end the bullying and theft from Kentucky's pension systems.  KY must have the tools to recruit the best qualified teachers and staff and continued defined benefits for future employees is an important.  It is important to note that public employee wages and benefits are the backbone of all communities since it steady income has purchasing power in our hometowns. 

3) By making sure KY public education, from early education to graduating college, are accessible to all in safe well-equipped maintained buildings with highly trained teachers.  Charter schools and privatization of services, for someone else's profit, paid for with our taxes, have no place in KY.


Through high quality public education Kentuckians can excel in the world market



pensions and benefits

Public and private workers alike dutifully contribute to collective retirement systems in good faith.  The government has an obligation to uphold these inviolable contracts. 


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Clean water and the environment

We share resources with all.  All have a right to live in a healthy environment.